FileFlow bundles, organizes and distributes all kinds of files such as images or files according to your own personal preferences.

Organize all you digital files with FileFlow

FileFlow adapts itself completely to your wishes, desires and needs. All types of digital files can be stored, retrieved and archived, by being provided with tags and a category index, which you monitor and supervise. You decide on authorization, usage en integration, combining existing data storage facilities. Once entered, always available for all your desired purposes. For both internal or external users.

Link up to a Content Management System (CMS)

Enabling FileFlow to connect to your current Content Management System (CMS) allows you to immediately access images, video’s, documents or presentations from the image archive  –  through your own existing CMS. If you require more information about integrating the FileFlow app within your workflow. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Compatibility with other applications

FileFlow can also be integrated within or coupled with other applications by means of an API. This meets the REST standard and communicates with JSON.

An API is a tool which enables various software programmes to communicate. It serves as an interface between the various software options. The unique user code provides access to information and relevant functionalities. API’s are available for (web-) applications, software libraries, Operating Systems (OS) and can be employed to help generate a vast amount of desired purposes. An API enables you to either download or send text, images or video, from or to any internet source, all around the world.